A Family Home Agency, working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

 Individuals we serve are referred by California's Regional Centers

Who are the individuals we serve? 

​Throughout California and nationwide, persons with developmental disabilities have a long history of institutionalization, victimization, restriction of personal rights, and having others make decisions for them.  We are committed to resurrecting personal rights and utilizing the individual’s strengths to actualize the life decisions our consumers want. 

Our clients are adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities who seek independence and support. We work hard to be the vehicle for true community participation.  Everyone has something to offer; especially those whose experiences include perseverance and struggle. The individuals we serve are no strangers to struggle but are too often not recognized for their contributions to family, community and society. LEAP strives to be a catalyst for change, highlighting the strengths, contributions, resilience, and determination of those with whom we work.