A Family Home Agency, working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

LEAP’s multidisciplinary team includes:

  • An advisory board  inclusive of individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Social workers
  • Behavior Analysts 
  • Psychologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionists/dietitians
  • Health and wellness counselors
  • Personal trainers
  • Client support professionals
  • Service coordinators
  • Recreational therapists
  • Exceptionally skilled providers
  • Adult living skills specialists
  • Adaptive living skills specialists

Our unique approach actively incorporates these values:

  • listening to those we serve
  • constant reassessment of how we can improve service
  • supporting the ever-changing needs of individuals served
  • strength-based services
  • person-centered planning
  • strategic community partnerships
  • cultural humility
  • creative problem solving
  • training, training, training
  • love

Leveraging Equal Access Program (LEAP) is a non-profit, adult family home agency established to assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. LEAP staff and consultants work collaboratively with individuals, their natural supports, families and the Regional Centers across California. Our staff are experienced, highly trained, and genuinely eager to assist. We listen and pay close attention to the needs and wants of the individuals we serve. 

LEAP is a collaborative effort. Our community of family home providers and professional staff come together to form an interdependent network, combining resources and knowledge. We are constantly collecting data to optimize efficiency and move toward equal access to the quality of life our consumers choose to live. We learn from one another. Through a partnership with the Regional Centers throughout California and the community, we help push the limits of expectation and confidence in the lives of individuals with disabilities.  

What is LEAP?