2. Once you have mulled it over for a while and if you have the heart to change the world, contact us!

 Our General information phone number is 415 851-0105. You can Interview with one of our intake staff.

3. Complete the background check and live scan process. Once your background has cleared, it is on to step 4.

4. Attend one of our orientation and training sessions. These are usually done in small groups of 10 or less people. There is plenty of time to ask questions, get acquainted with us and maybe meet one of the individuals we serve.

5. We will send out a staff member to inspect and certify your home. We will be looking for safety hazards/precautions. We are certifying homes in good repair and expect them to be clean during the certification process.  We will not certify apartments. We will be checking for several things. For example; water temperature to ensure water is not scolding hot, checking furniture to ensure it is presentable and in good repair, looking at structural integrity, fire alarms, and working plumbing etc… Once the home is certified we are off to step 6.

6. Training… Yup, We will train you to have a more comprehensive understanding of person centered planning, individual’s rights, your role as home providers and crisis intervention to name a few things…

You will also need to complete a brief training on CPR & First Aid, and take a TB test. 

7. You will be tested on your learning and once you have passed, you will be issued a home certification to show off for your friends and family.

8. Last of all, we will begin the search for a match between the home providers and individuals we serve.

1.  First you may want to take a few things into account…  Ask yourself some questions. We will likely be asking you some of these same questions:

  • Where is your home? 
  • Who lives there?
  • What do you know about people dealing with developmental disabilities?
  • Why do you want to work with this population?
  • What is your occupation?
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to assisting an individual who could live in your home?

How to become a home provider?

A Family Home Agency, working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

To reach the Department of Developmental Services website page: www.dds.ca.gov/complaints

To reach the Department of Developmental Services by phone: (916) 654-1690